Avengers Initiative

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Client: Wide Load Games

Powerhouse loved working on Wide Load Games’ Avengers: Initiative. We have worked with the team at Wide Load to develop video cinematics with some of our favorite Marvel characters.The game has been getting a number of rave reviews, with Kotaku calling it “almost the strongest portable game there is” and IGN giving it a solid 8 out of 10.

Motion comics production is something that Powerhouse is extremely well known for, due to our work on video game projects like DC Universe Online, Darksiders, and this project, Avengers: Initiative. Not only is our staff of traditional animators huge fans of comics and the Marvel Universe but, through practice, we know how best to create motion comics to draw the viewer into the comic book world. We also know how to work with comic book IPs and treat them properly. Powerhouse Animation Studio has a long history of working with comic book based art directors like Jim Lee and Joe Madueria.