Video Game Animation

Powerhouse has produced animated game assets and video game cinemas for EA, Microsoft, Hasbro, Disney Interactive, Sony, Playdom, Playforge, Gree, Kabam, and many more. Powerhouse animation has worked on concept design, character design, video game assets, and cinemas for MMOs, RTSs, FPSs, side-scrollers, fighting games, Facebook games, custom made arcade machines, and triple-A console titles - if its a game style we have worked on it, in almost every platform.

We also create game trailers for game companies to promote and market their games-- kind of like explainer videos for video games. If you want one of the most creative animation studios to help you get started with you concept or you have a game in production and need a crew of experts to help you reach the finish line, give us a call.

Featured Example: Duelyst