Storyboards & Animatics

Storyboards are key to any motion picture production. They allow you to see what shots are needed and plan compositions appropriately. Animatics are storyboards timed to audio and sometimes some minor animation and effects are added to give the impression of what the final film will look like. Every project at Powerhouse, and we are in the thousands of projects after 15 years, starts the same: with a storyboard.

We know how to help you plan your pacing, compositions, and get you the best story using methods that keep budgets down. If you are looking to do focus groups, we can produce highly-rendered, realistic animatics that have the look and feel you need. If you are producing an independent film, we can help you rough out your concept quickly and change the idea in your head to an animatic that you can show investors. Let us help you with this first step in production! Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail to tell us more about your ideas so we can give you an estimate and get you closer to your goals.

Featured Example: Darksiders 2