Character Design

with Nick Swift

Watch Nick Swift, one of our character design artists, discuss how to use shape language to make informative and visually interesting character designs.

Breakdown Drawings

with Patrick Stannard

Patrick Stannard, one of our Supervising Animators, explains how breakdown drawings impact your arc of motion and overall clarity of your animation..

Place and Trace

with Cassie Urban

Animation is time consuming, but Cassie Urban, one of Powerhouse Animation's artists, shares a few tricks--including Place and Trace--that she utilizes in her process.

Doing Clean Up in Flash

with Robby Cook

Cleaning up drawings in Flash can be fun and easy using the tips and tricks from Robby Cook, one of our animators here.

Camera Shake Techniques in After Effects

with Lindsey Robins

Powerhouse compositor, Lindsey Robins, shares 3 different ways to create Camera Shake in a composition and which approach is her favorite.

Hacking Layer Order in After Effects

with Adam Conarroe

Adam Conarroe, our Creative Technical Director, demonstrates a useful trick to adjust the way After Effects processes layer order.

Ambient Occlusion

with Robby Johnson

One of our Artists & Illustrators, Robby Johnson, shares his approach to painting ambient occlusion in Photoshop.

Pixel Art

with Chris Beaver

Chris Beaver, a Lead Artist & Animator here at Powerhouse, describes his process for creating 16-bit art in Photoshop.

After Effects Scripts

with Adam Conarroe

Our Creative Technical Director, Adam Conarroe, explains the benefits of utilizing scripts in your After Effects pipeline and demonstrates some of his favorites.

Flash Extensions

with Frank Gabriel

Industry vet and one of Powerhouse's Co-Founders, Frank Gabriel, shares some of his favorite free Flash extensions and how he uses them in his pipeline.

Flash Techniques

with Megan Kluck

Megan Kluck, one of our Creative Directors, shares some of the tricks she's learned to speed up her workflow in Flash.

Painting Color Keys

with Robby Johnson

In this ProTip, Robby Johnson gives a step by step view into his process for creating color keys from an outline illustration in Photoshop.