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PU01 Animating Dialogue

with Frank Gabriel

In this class from February 15, 2011, Frank Gabriel talks about using standard mouth symbols to animate dialog.

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PU02 Timing for Animation

with Ronnie Williford

In this class from March 1, 2011, Ronnie Williford discusses timing for animation, using as examples the bouncing ball and the flour sack.

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PU03 Puppet Animation

with Doug Beck

In this class from April 4, 2011, Puppet Animation Guru Doug Beck explains the step-by-step process of setting up a Flash symbol-based puppet while highlighting "Limited Animation" techniques.

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PU04 Storyboards

with Kris Pearn

In this class from May 6, 2011, legendary storyboard artist Kris Pearn stopped by the studio to share his thoughts on how best to approach storyboarding. While we cannot show the entire presentation, to learn more, take Kris's storyboarding class online at

Kris Pearn's Blog:
Kris Pearn's Schoolism Class:

PU05 Character Design

with Megan Kluck

In this class from July 12, 2011, Creative Director Megan Kluck leads the Powerhouse crew in a discussion about the proper method for designing Flash characters here at the office.

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PU06 Flash File Construction

with Sam Deats

In this class from August 2, 2011, Creative Director Sam Deats goes over the best, most efficient method to set up Flash files for animation. This method is just one of the tools Powerhouse uses to streamline projects.

PU07 Backgrounds

with Sam Deats

In this class from September 6, 2011, Sam Deats discusses his approach to backgrounds. Lean how the Powerhouse Crew ties down the layout drawings, chooses colors for the background, and uses Photoshop to add in textures.

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PU8 SFX Animation

with Kevin O'Neil

In this class from November 11, 2011, Special Guest, and talented Effects Animator Kevin O'Neil dropped by the studio to impart his wisdom upon us.

PU9 Puppeting: First Pass

with Patrick Quiring

In this class from January 17, 2012, Supervisor Patrick Quiring lends his expertise to fellow members of the Powerhouse Crew by explaining his approach on how to get the most out of your first pass of puppet animation.

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PU10 Flash SFX Animation

with Adam Deats

In this class from February 21, 2012 Effects Guru Adam Deats explains a few of his tips and tricks to getting the most out of your Flash Effects.

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PU11 Clean-Up

with Stephanie McCrea, Cindy Crowell, & Evgeny Lubaev

In this class from April 10, 2012, Clean-Up experts Stephanie McCrea, Cindy Crowell, and Evgeny Lubaev offer an easy to understand beginner's guide to clean-up, as well as explaining their respective processes on how to apprach cleaning up a scene.

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