An outside studio called Powerhouse Animation used a 2D visual approach to create retro-inspired cutscenes that typically introduce major new worlds, quests or concepts. These pieces feature some of the best acting, animation, and character development seen anywhere. It’s remarkable to see Mickey’s face contort in the simplest ways to perfectly convey an emotion, and the frequency with which Powerhouse precisely hits comedic notes is truly exceptional” – IGN

Powerhouse Animation started working on Epic Mickey in 2005, doing concept and character designs for the Warren Spector/Disney franchise. Powerhouse created more than 60+ minutes of traditional animation for the games to serve as in-game cinemas. Powerhouse used Flash Animation, custom Photoshop brushes and After Effects animation to create the textured look to the traditionally animated characters. Powerhouse developed the art direction for the cinemas, focusing on a Mary Blair like aesthetic. There are few projects that carry the burden of animating and directing Disney’s most beloved characters and characters not seen in decades, but working with Warren Spector, Junction Point, and Disney Interactive was a great experience and they gave us a lot of trust to care of these fundamental brands for their company.

Client: "Disney Interactive Studios, Junction Point"
  • Flash
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects