Pixel Art And Animation

Once video games entered the 3D realm, we thought pixel art was a thing of the past. We were wrong. Now more than ever, many ad agencies, game studios, and other clients are looking for pixel art style graphics for their unique nostalgic appeal. Powerhouse Animation has worked with such renowned agencies as DDB NY, Wieden+Kennedy, Platform LA, and Daughter and Sons to create pixel art style animation used for video games, game cinemas, and ad campaigns. Our talent for 8-bit and 16-bit styles has even led to us working with our friends at Platform on the beloved Final Fantasy franchise for a prequel game to Final Fantasy XV.

Our pixel art ads appeal to the internet audience, drawing in thousands of viewers on YouTube, Facebook, and more. Our artists treat pixel art as its own medium within art & animation. We can design characters, animate scenes, and create character sprites for your trailers, game cinemas, video game assets, or advertisements. If you want to tap into the nostalgia-fueled zeitgeist with pixel art, you know who to call.

Featured Example: Final Fantasy XV - A King's Tale