Willis Bulliner

Creative Director

Hailing from the far away land of “Checagou,” Willis once went fishing with his grandfather and caught a catfish “this” big. That’s actually not true. His grandfather caught the fish and Willis got a fishing hook stuck in his hand… it was absolutely devastating.

After art school, and then more art school, Willis took a break from all worldly things to roam the earth. Armed only with his spiritual training and skill, he traveled the American Old West seeking the whereabouts of his half-brother, Danny Caine. He followed many leads to the city of Austin where he found himself at the front door of Powerhouse Animation. After fighting the minotaur, correctly answering the riddles-three, and guessing the secret password, “butterfly?”, he was permitted access inside the walls of the the animation studio.

He never found his half-brother. However, he liked it there so much, he asked PHA if he could stay. Lucky for him, they said yes.

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