Shane Minshew

Executive Production Director

Shane “Bloodsnake” Minshew’s true origins are unknown, yet several rumors persist. One states that he is a seemingly unstoppable cyborg assassin who has been sent back from the year 2029. Another claims that he was trained from his youth in the ways of Karate by an Okinawan master of the art, Mr. Miyagi. But the one most people believe says that he was born in 1982 in the lower east side of Salt Lake City, Utah. After he was born, his parents, Marty McFly and She-Ra, moved the young infant to the magical land of Austin, Texas. There Shane learned two skills that would change his life forever:

First he learned the importance of the B.P.A. (Beach Party Attitude), and second he learned how to draw. After growing up a bit (but not really, cause this guy has more action figures than any human being should have) Shane graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in art and joined the team at Powerhouse Animation. Since then he has continued to learn from the totally rad people at PHA and opened his very own B.P.A. Academy.