Louie Granda

Outsource Producer

With a mission he flipped to this frolic pad called “Earth:” To spawn kooky characters and spin tales of mirth. Yeah man, Gran-Daddy A.E.I.O. Lou descended from the moon to get a hard line on drawings that move.
He declined to truck with the U.S. Navy, and when jammin’ his axe didn’t cop any gravy, Lou took off to pick-up on a solid education… busting his conk to stimulate the wig. Ya dig? He cut his teeth building ads for mags & ran a business, selling art to bands.

This jack is hep to some graphic voodoo. Coming on like a test pilot, he landed a sweet gig with the Powerhouse crew. With his ol’ black boots, hip threads and a chin strap o’ hair, Lou is prepared to ride the riff no other would dare.