Adam Conarroe

Creative Technical Director

Adam Conarroe originates from Brenham, Texas: home of Blue Bell Creameries. He was recruited to the Powerhouse team due to his encyclopedic knowledge and expertise on Ice Cream. When he’s not handing out tasty treats to his office mates, he finds the time to actually get some work done.

Adam can also speak 8 different languages! (though he can only say “hi” in most of those). He also trains rigorously in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. This latter ability comes in handy when fending off rabid animators when his magical stash of tasty treats runs dry.

Furthermore, Adam is a lefty. Due to this fact, Adam is the target of much speculation in the matter of under-handed schemes, sinister plots, and missing cookies. When he’s not fighting for his life, he spends his free-time hanging out with celebrities, throwing parties on his yacht, and leading a rich meaningful life.

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