The Adventures of Kid Danger Premier

If you didn’t have your television turned to Nickelodeon on Friday, January 19th, you missed out on The Adventures of Kid Danger Premier! When I say our crew has been hard at work on this project for the last year in a half, I really do mean HARD AT WORK! They have been working non-stop on getting everything just right for this show. Late nights, early mornings, quick lunch breaks, you name it, they’ve done it! We even busted down a wall in our studio to be able to get all of our Henry Danger crew working in the same space. Nothing is better than getting to share such a huge moment with your peers that have been right there by your side during this whole process. So, we took a pause on Friday and celebrated everyone that worked on this project and watched the live airing of the show together as a Powerhouse family.


In honor of the first episode titled “Popcorn Monster” we made a popcorn (monster) bar and let everyone make their own variety of popcorn before we got down to the serious business at hand, watching Nickelodeon and shouting out praise for our crew. Pretty much everyone in the studio stopped what they were doing and gathered around our many TV’s in the studio to share this moment with each other. And, if I do say so myself, our popcorn bar was pretty epic. Fresh air-popped popcorn, loads of flavors, tons of candy options, and most important, movie theatre butter! Also, did you know Friday was National Popcorn Day??? We were SO on trend!


There is something just so special about seeing your work come to life. And knowing that thousands, if not millions of people are watching it at the same time you are, well, that just makes it even more special. If you missed the premier, don’t fret! Nickelodeon is re-airing the episodes and it is available to watch online. The Adventures of Kid Danger is airing only on Nickelodeon. Check your local listings to see when it airs in your neck of the woods.



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