Halloween at Powerhouse

I think it goes without saying that Halloween is a huge deal at Powerhouse. Some of our crew worked for weeks leading up to the big day to perfect their costumes. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint! We worked really hard in the studio to make it look extra spooky to help get everyone into the Halloween spirit. From massive spider webs on the walls, to Frankenstein plastered to one of the doors, nearly every room of the studio was dripping in Halloween goodness.


We did a group lunch at our local Hopdoddy, where everyone noshed on burgers and enjoyed the crazy stares from strangers as our crew donned their costumes for lunch. Later in the day we hosted a Halloween party along with a costume contest, and there was some fierce competition this year. Our judges were able to narrow it down to 3 winners, but it proved to be a difficult task to get to just the top 3. We also had some special guests join us for our party…our very own Trevor and Alucard cutouts joined us for cupcakes, photos, and a spooky good time!


We decided to do a photo shoot in the lobby of our building, and I’m pretty sure our officemates were staring out of their windows thinking we were all a very crazy bunch. There really is nothing quite like walking around the studio to see everyone hard at work fully dressed in their elaborate costumes.


We hope you had a killer Halloween and would love to see your costumes! Tag us on Facebook with your Halloween photos so we can see them! Enjoy taking a look at our crew and let us know what you think!


About the Author
Sara found her way to Texas by way of Maine, Louisiana, North Carolina, Hawaii, & Maine again. Born and raised an Army Brat, she lives with a permanent case of wanderlust. After graduating from Texas A&M University, she wound up managing a hair salon for 12 years. After having a little papoose with her husband in early 2016, she decided to just be a mom for a little while. But as her little papoose turned one, he clearly was bored of being home with his mama, so she dropped him off at the closest, best daycare, and got hired at Powerhouse Animation Studios! She loves taking care of people, all things organizational, office supplies, rhinos, travelling, calligraphy, and puppies.