Featured Friday: Craig Nowicki

WARNING: Nowickis are very lovable but very skittish, approach with caution
  • Q: Where did you go to school?
  • I went to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Then I flew out to LA and took a few classes at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and got a certificate there.
  • Q: When did you first realize that you wanted to work in animation?
  • With a game so old, the game itself is called Myth. I just loved the 2D cutscenes and it had sprites on 3D backgrounds. The whole style was so cool back then and it really made me want to get into the industry. 
  • Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
  • My friends, Siegey and Struse. They’ve been my biggest supporters of my career and watched almost everything I’ve worked on. They’ve been the best player 2s! Also my folks. I don’t know how they put up with me.
  • Q: What is your favorite animated movie/show?
  • Demon Slayer. The story is good, the animation is great, but the effects are BLING!! 
  • Q: What would you say to those who are not getting hired by a studio or having trouble finding a job?
  • Network, network, NETWORK! I randomly applied to Powerhouse and little did I know… I actually knew someone on the inside! ”Hey… I KNO DAT GUY!” Were his magical words and BAM! I’m at POWAhaus.
  • Q: What are some stories of your path to art and animation? 
  • I started my career in NYC at Bunko Studios. I met a few current PH employees there, but we all worked on a show called MAD. When I left, I started my career in the commercial industry. I moved to LA, then back to Philly, and then made a U-turn back to LA again. I scooted on back to HEY YO City of Cheesesteaks and then had my final bite at the Big Apple. Now, I’m living in the great sauna of Austin, Texas. YEEEEE-HAW!
  • Q: What’s it like working in Austin? And how is the creative community here?
  • It’s coarse and rough and irritating.. and it gets everywhere. Oh wait… Austin. I love Austin! I met some of the greatest, most awe inspiring artists down here. 
  • Q: What is the best part about your job and working at Powerhouse?
  • Bedazzling animation with FX! *Jazz hands* As for working at Powerhouse, I’ve always been on the move. So, to finally find a place to call home has been nice and the people here are great.
  • Q: What is your favorite Powerhouswite Project that you worked on?
  • I’m a big Joe Mad fan, so being able to work on Battle Chasers was a dream fulfilled. 
  • Q: Most challenging part of working at Powerhouse?
  • Avoiding the free M&Ms.
  • Q: Any cool little known facts about production (funny stories/cool animation tricks/etc)?
  • Whatever you do…don’t listen to me. Your computer will live longer!
  • Q: If you could be any anime character who would it be and why?
  • If anime was a meme, I’d be a pile of dank memes. Its my spirit animal.
oh my gawd, so much talent and so many memes in one little body
may his laughter bring you joy for the rest of your days
About the Author
Hailing from "Parts Unknown" Virginia, Ryan scoured the United Stated searching for a place to call home. After a short stint in the "Entertainment Capital of the World" Ryan wandered into Austin with nothing but a Gameboy Color, his Star Wars Blu-Ray Collection, and too much hair product. Now a Production Coordinator at Powerhouse Animation, Ryan works all across the board on studio projects. A word of caution though, there are rumors that if you look in the mirror and say his name three times he will appear behind you and beg you to watch the Prequels with him.