Featured Friday: Cassie Urban

Meet Cassie! She is a top-tier animator and a Duel Monster. Basically she will beat you with her Magician deck and then animate the battle so you can relive your shame.

Q: When did you first realize that you wanted to work in animation?
When i realized it was a profession people could actually do and not just magic. I have a binder at home chalk full of comics upon comics and OCs, so i guess it was a natural progression

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?
Hiromu Arakawa. Full Metal Alchemist blew my mind as a teen with the level of its storytelling and is probably the biggest reason i’m working in animation now

Q: What is your favorite animated movie/show/Video Game?
FMA:Brotherhood (I watch it every year). Other notable ones being Yugioh, Mob Psycho 100, HunterxHunter, Sailor Moon, Spirited Away and Aladdin. (I’m also watching Saint Seiya right now and it’s so hype! ( ~ Pegasus Fantasy ~ ). Also a TON of video games. Nier, Bloodborne, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the Kingdom Hearts series to name a few. I am the King of Games after all.

Q: What would you say to those who are not getting hired by a studio or having trouble finding a job?
Maybe the right job just hasn’t come up yet, it’s as much about timing as anything else but do what kind of art you like to do and people will be able to see that.

Q: What’s it like working in Austin? And how is the creative community here?
I like being warm and i hate winter and snow so its pretty choice. My friends here are all giant nerds that are willing to have anime nights and themed birthday parties for fictional characters, it wouldn’t be the same without them here.

Q: What is the best part about your job and working at Powerhouse?
Geeking out about Fire Emblem and DnD over coffee in the mornings

Q: What is your favorite Powerhouse Project that you’ve worked on?
Seis Manos, the whole crew is so hype about the project and it was a great atmosphere to be around and I really can’t speak enough about the energy everyone brought to the project

Q: What do you love most about Seis Manos?
My dead son and Isabella’s arms

Q: Most challenging part of working at Powerhouse?

Q: If you could be any anime character who would it be and why?
Sora, he’s so carefree and has a lot of heart (s). I’d be nice to be so dumb and forthright (so like… most Shonen protagonists) and get to hug Donald and Goofy whenever you want! Also going on an epic adventure and having magical abilities

Breathe. Yes, she is that good.
Try not get lost in it’s beauty.

About the Author
Hailing from "Parts Unknown" Virginia, Ryan scoured the United Stated searching for a place to call home. After a short stint in the "Entertainment Capital of the World" Ryan wandered into Austin with nothing but a Gameboy Color, his Star Wars Blu-Ray Collection, and too much hair product. Now a Production Coordinator at Powerhouse Animation, Ryan works all across the board on studio projects. A word of caution though, there are rumors that if you look in the mirror and say his name three times he will appear behind you and beg you to watch the Prequels with him.